Video transcription

Alright breeding your sheep or choosing which sheep to keep or figuring out how to have good healthy sheep. One of the things you have to be concerned with is their parentage. You can breed a daughter with her own father but you don't want to breed a granddaughter to her grandfather. You have to watch your use of your ram so you have to change out your ram genes every once in a while and that is why tagging them is important. You need to know who was bred to whom. The other thing to look for is basic confirmation. Believe it or not, this back here is a ewe. This is a lamb. This lamb is far bigger than this ewe. This ewe is way too small. She wouldn't be kept and bred because she is not a good confirmation. This lamb right here has all the wool growing around her eyes as opposed to this lamb over here who has this nice opened eye area and that is a good thing to look for when you are talking about breeding.