Video transcription

Hello! I'm coming to you from Dogma Premier Dog Spa in Wayne, Pennsylvania and today we're going to do some demonstrations on how you can do creative coloring for your pet. We use completely safe nontoxic materials. One technique you will see we will wash off pretty much immediately. The other technique fades over time and it may take up to 6 weeks to wash off completely. It's important when you are trimming the nails that you keep the dog as comfortable as possible and keep the legs in a natural of a position as possible. Just take him right to that. Dogs really like this done. Keep the shoulder close to the body. If you put the dog in an uncomfortable position, it's almost guaranteed they will fight you and a lot of times you won't win. On the back legs just extend it backwards. Some dogs are more comfortable if you bend it forward. Good girl. If you're in any doubt about the length of the click or if your dog has black toe nails, you can just the very tips off. If you take the tips off frequently enough it's not a problem.