Video transcription

So, we’re ready to work with the pressure cooker. When you get your canning jars out of the box, you want to loosen the lid so that they will not explode. If you put the whole thing in the pressure cooker, you might have a bad surprise. So you want to loosen it, turn it again, let it loose, put inside the pressure cooker. So you want to add water in your pressure cooker. I will say something like three cups would be a good idea so that you don’t run out of water, but you don’t want too much water. The reason you add water there is so that they will spread the temperature, and they will sterilize the canning jars. And when they are sterilized hot, we will put our preserves inside. Close our pressure cooker. And put it on high heat and wait until the whistle blows. Our jars are boiling on the pressure cooker. Now we’re going to lower the pressure. I’ll remind you again the reason to do this is to sterilize the jars so there’s no bacteria at all in our preserve. Once the pressure has gone back to normal, then we can open the lid. Be careful when doing this- this is very hot.