Video transcription

Hi this is Dave for Expert Village and today we are roasting a pig. Today we are going to be roasting this big in something is called the la caja china which literally means in Spanish to English translation to Chinese box it was develop in Cuba to begin with and someone from Miami decided to manufacture these. It is a great little device it has a wooden outside, a stainless steel inside, it has a tray for the charcoals to go on and also this other tray that you can strain the charcoal and you would see what is going to happen with that later. You can remove this, you have nice handy handles there, put that aside and this is where you coals are going all the ashes are going to sit down and then you have the box itself which is basically a oven this is a really great thing here. It got a dripping pan right below, it got this is going to hold the pig and I will show you how to put that together to and it creates a heat downward rather then you expect the heat to go up. But it is down instead and it make a perfect pig in just under 4 hours it is amazing you don't have to dig a hole in your yard or anything to make this.