Video transcription

For this next shot, I've got some shrimp. Got some nice sixteen twenty shrimp here. So I'm just going to take my brush with my olive oil, like always. Just brush each one of my shrimp. A nice little liberal layer of olive oil on each one. And right onto the grill they go. I'll put the salt and pepper on them when they're on the grill. So let's go to the grill now. Let's open it up. Looks like we're ready to go. Looks like everything's all nice and hot. So we're just going to take our shrimp. Everybody likes grilled shrimp. The good thing about shrimp, shrimp cooks really fast, so you could do a whole lot of shrimp in this thing very, very quickly. There's all my shrimp. Just add a little bit of salt and pepper, like always, got to have your salt and your pepper. There we go. We're going to close this lid down. We're going to come back in about, well see for shrimp it kind of varies. You want to be kind of careful. I think we can probably get this shrimp done in, I don't know, let's say two minutes probably. So we'll be back in about two mintues. Alright, let's check on the shrimp. And they look absolutely wonderful, so we're just going to take these off. Two minutes for these wonderful, perfect looking shrimp. I mean, I could've filled this thing up. I could've done gosh, twenty, twenty-five pieces just now. Something else you can do is you can do more than one thing at a time. You can do your steaks and your shrimp at the same time. Obviously you want to keep an eye on the shrimp, put the shrimp on towards the end. Look at that. Two minutes, and I've got some really, really great looking shrimp. So you can't go wrong with that at all.