Video transcription

Now we're going to frost the top of our cake. Take a healthy amount of frosting on your spatula and just prop that down. Put a lot on there to get started. Then we're just going to spread it out. If you use a motion like this back and forth. Just kind of ootch it out to the end, into the corner. Remember you never frost on top of the cake. Frost on top of frosting. Keep those crumbs out of there. Just spread that frosting. Spread it around. Always starting from frosting and just covering up that cake. Plenty of frosting is fine. You can always take it off when you're smoothing it out. Turn that around. See how you push the frosting into that corner. Back and forth. Smoothing out a sheet cake is a little bit difficult because it's such a large surface, but we will do our best. Let's smooth it out best we can right now, and we'll smooth it out a little more later. Back and forth across the top. I'm going to go around the sides again to get that lip to come up. We're raising that lip.