Video transcription

Have you ever tried to start your bike and had absolutely nothing happen. Well a lot of times that problem can be caused by your battery. What we want to show you today is how to take proper care maintenance of your battery. On most models, your battery is under your seat. The first thing you want to do is take your seat off and you have your battery. Battery carries 12 volts and should be at least 12 volts. What I have here is a simple Ohm meter or simple volt meter; also, has its own attachments. Set your meter to DC volts; put your positive; red to positive, black to negative; a healthy battery with no load on it, no charge; 12.46 right now. Things that can cause problems with your battery’s corrosion. So what you want to do is check your cables for corrosion. Always disconnect your negative cable first, make sure you have no corrosion on the end of your cable or on the battery post. If you do, take a small wire brush and brush them off. There are companies out there that make corrosive cleaners and sealers, but if you just take regular care of your battery, everything should be fine; you won’t need them. Do the same from the negative as to the positive. To disconnect both cables be sure to tighten your positive cable first.