Video transcription

In this clip, we will be installing the toilet seat. Just make sure that you have all of your bolts and let Bob explain the rest. All right, the seat and the bolts provided and the toilet to go back. Cap snap up. Place this in the holes, place our bolts, some washers, place the nuts on the bottom. The nuts on the bottom hand tight? Hand tight, snug them up and I'll take a screwdriver and get them snug in the center of the seat and give them a final turn. Make sure our toilet is centered up on there. Now that the seat is centered, Bob just takes a screwdriver and holds the nuts underneath and tightens the bolts from the top. Again, snap the cover back over the screws and I think we are ready to use that. Let's flush it again. Is that an urban legend about in Australia that it goes down to direction. What is that fact? I believe that is fact Jim. South of the equator, the water swirls counterclockwise. Is that just the way tht the water is going into the bowl? No, it is actual centrifugal force. It's not urban legend.