Video transcription

Sometimes, rather than replacing a ballcock, we can just repair most of these. This particular one is a Corky, also known as a Hunter in a prior lifetime, and when you take this baby apart you can go on the internet, or your local hardware store, and see some of the different kinds of these. This cap here is a gasket that makes this ballcock run. We can go to the hardware store; we can go get this gasket, and we come put it back on, and rather than change it for a couple dollars, we just simply repair it. Now we'll go look at some of the other ones we have here. Here are some of the other ballcocks that we're going to repair. A very common one that you're going to see out there in the field is the fluid master, When it's either not filling, or running slow, the top of it twist locks off, just like that. For a buck and a half or so, you can take, and pull this washer off, and you can replace the washer. Another very common one is a three screw plastic ballcock; a 1B1P Master. You undo the three screws, get a new rebuild kit, you drop the kit in, put the screws on, it's repaired. Beautiful, it's nice. You don't have to take the supply line, or any of that apart. My favorite; the old standby, the Mansfield, happens to have a single diaphragm gasket. You get a kit for that, that goes in there, and again, why take out the Cadillac, and put in a loud crummy plastic ballcock, when you can have the Cadillac still running for you.