Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Clerodendron, or Bleeding Heart is one of those plants that you can grow as a vining plant, or you can have it here as in a hanging basket. Bleeding Heart plants are beautiful plants. Look at that little flower. It's attractive; sometimes it will have a little red to the center of them, as you'll see in that flower right there, along with of course, the beautiful dark green emerald foliage. Bleeding Hearts can be used as plants that you use over fences, especially if you've got well ugly fences. How about if you've got a chain-link fence? This plant will grow up, and over it, and cover over those bad areas. But you can also have it like we have it here, in a hanging basket. You probably don't think of Bleeding Hearts being a hanging basket plant, but they can be. They can also be as a nice ground cover plant, or a filler plant in between one area and another, kind of a transition plant in the landscape. It also can be a focal point, because it's such a pretty plant; such an attractive plant, there's one that you can use from one area to another, and people's eye will almost automatically go to the Bleeding Heart. The Bleeding Heart is easy to grow, full sun to partial shade, fertilize it maybe every two to three months, and you'll have a fantastic plant for your landscape. For On Gardening, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb.