Video transcription

In this clip were going to talk about the proper way to remove and replace worn front break hoses on a nineteen ninety-one Ford Explorer. In this step were going to talk about breaking lose of the calipers bleeder and the removal of the banjo bolt or the lower hydraulic fitting for your break hose. Okay I got my wrench here. I'm going to go ahead and make sure my bleeder comes free, right there. You may have to tap on it with a hammer to jar the threads a little bit to get them to break loose or apply a little heat to the skinny side of the caliper, you can see how it's real skinny here. Your not going to want to heat up this side cause your heat will dissipate in to all the metal. You want to heat up that side if your bleeder doesn't come free. You can see mine does, got no trouble there. I'm going to take my ratchet and on a ninety-one Ford Explorer it takes a fourteen millimeter for the banjo bolt located right here. Were take it and break that loose. Your replacement hose is going to come with new brass washers. There is discussion and it goes with both ways as far as reusing the old ones or using the new ones, I'm going to leave that up to you. I always reuse the old ones. There used to the caliper surface and have been fitting on there and sealing there for years and years and years, so I like to reuse the old ones. This bolt is reusable, your going to save this. As you can see theres one of the brass washers I was telling you about. See If I can get that off there cause I'm going to save mine. Alright, there is also one more on the caliper, it's stuck I'm going to leave it right there because it is exactly where it needs to be. That is the proper way to break loose your bleeder and remove the banjo bolt on the lower portion of your break hose.