Video transcription

In this clip, now that we've loosened and got as much slack as we can in the throttle and idle cable, what you can do now, on a lot of carbs too that have a fuel line, we'll just pull that out and then what you'll do is start to rock the carb back and forth. Ok, now that we got the carburetor off the manifold, be careful about banging up against the engine. You want to pay attention to where the choke cable went because you want to feed the choke cable out in between the bracket. There's a bracket back there sometimes that's guiding the fuel line and there's a voes switch in there. This is an evo so that's how it advances the timing. Now that we've got it lose, you just pull the cable up over and out of the top bracket, clip it out. You want to be really careful with these cables here. You can kink them. If you try to force it, what happens is usually the end of the cable is riding outside of this bracket here so it doesn't really let you move the cam back to get the cable out. Now, that was the throttle cable. The idle cable has a little spring insert. That's what the pick's good for. You just kind of pull it up in there, now you can pull that down and get that cable out. Alright, now that we got the choke cable out of the way, we got the throttle and idles out of the way, there's a vacuum hose connected to the back that goes to the voes switch and the vacuum operated pet cock. You need to disconnect that. Alrighty, one carb, she's done and we put her out of the way and start working on the rest of the manifold.