Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic in Arizona and I'm here today to talk to you about broken toenails. Dog will get broken toenails for a variety of reasons. But, the primary one is often going to be when you yourself are trying to cut there nails and you go to deep into the quick. It is not necessarily a broken toenail but it does create quiet a lot of bleeding and scares most people. This is my assistant Amber and this Bonkers and he's we are going to show you a few little things about working with toenails. You probably have to get your vet to teach your how to trim toenails but, that is a little more then our scoop today. But, lets say that I am trimming Bonkers toenails and when I do lets say that I go to deep. Now I'm not going to because it really hurts it wouldn't be nice but it starts to bleed. If you put your first aid kit together as we talked about then you should have some styptic powder to stop the bleeding but, if you have not got any thing special like styptic powder the best thing to stop the bleeding in this area is flour. The kind flour that you would cook with. So go grab some flour pack it on the nail and then you are going to put some kind of a bandage on. Your bandage should consist of a little bit of antibiotic ointment that you could put on top of the flour that is right if it is mix together and then a telfa pad that you should keep in your first aid kit. To cover the nail and then you should have some vet wrap on hand in your first aid kit and just do a little bandage around that foot. Not real tight just roll it around and then a good way to keep it on is to put a sock over it. This is not a sock but you could use a regular sock to do something like that and you could use some tape as well to just tape that not tightly just loosely to the top of his to the top of his bandage to his foot. Then you got a protected toenail to take your dog to the vet.