Video transcription

Hi! I am Anne-Marie and today we are learning basic dog grooming. In this series, we are going to learn about how to take some length off of the coat and do the actual haircut part. This is a clipper, on the clipper I have forty blade. On the forty blade I have a couple of different clipper combs for different parts of the body. This is a one half comb, we are going to use that to take length off of Goony all over and on his ears and on his cheeks. So let us start with his neck, take our noose, we hold up his head, we take clipper and with the grain of the hair, you are going to move with the same length, same way that the hair grows, you run your clipper comb. Goony is just getting a little tiny trim today, so we are not going to see a whole lot hair come out. And you move quickly enough to get it done, but not too quickly, otherwise your cuts will be uneven. Goony has wavy hair. So that cuts might look a little uneven anyway. It is part of his natural fluffy look. So you run this blade all around the neck so that you can then put your grooming noose back on, which makes it a little bit more comfortable for the dog and a little safer as well, so that your dog won’t fall off the table. You are going to groom the ears, you take your comb and you put the ear on your hands, so as not to cut the edge of the ear and run flat along it like that and do the same all over, down the legs, nice thing about the clipper comb, you can pick whatever length you want and as long as you don’t have any tangles or knots in your dog’s coat you can just run this over your dog everywhere, sometimes when you working on the head and cheeks, you might pick a comb that’s a little bit longer, leaves the hair little longer. Usually you use those on the top of the head and may be a little bit on the cheek. This is all really personal preference, whatever length works for you and also you want to use a length that’s going to last the dog until the next grooming so that you cut it short enough for your dog to look good and last long.