Video transcription

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan and I am the owner of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic and I am here today on behalf of to talk to you about cat first aid and administration of medications. Now this is Vincent and Vincent is not a very good pill taker. So I am going to show you what it is like when I have to give him a pill. And when you take a cat and give him a pill, you want to open behind his teeth and you want to poke it in and he actually would have done well but he used to try to kill me with those front feet and so after a few times of doing that he does actually try to kill you with his front feet. So if you have a cat that is very difficult to give a pill to, it is nice to have a towel that you can wrap them up in a little burrito and wrap this around, so that you do not get their front claws, so you have got it right nice around their neck and then it is easier usually to get your pill and again turning their head upward, opening their mouth and shoving it back and usually I cross fingers and my thumb and then I opened my third finger and I stick it back there. Then the other way is a pill popper and you put your pill into your popper like that and then it actually pops it into their mouth like that. So load it and in this case we are going to actually scruff him, so you push it pretty far back and you hit it with a syringe like that and then it pushes it back into the back. So of all the three if your cat likes to eat your best bet is the little pill pockets but if you do not have luck with that and you have cats you wrap him up in a towel and you either do the finger poke or you do the pill popper poke.