Video transcription

Hello! My name is Ron Sanders of Personal Touch Custom Auto World and I will now show you how you prepare the inside of a back window to apply the window tint. Inside the car already is my assistant Sean. What he is now doing is spraying soap and water solution on the back window. What this does is allow for lubrication as we use this pad here which is a regular general scrub pad. What this does is clean any kind of debris and dirt off of the defogger lines. As you could see he is going to side to side motion this assures that you get all the dirt off of the defogger .lines. Because of the back of the tint being sticky you want to get much dirt off as possible to ensure that you have a clean professional job. After cleaning the defogger lines and window he now takes his blue max squeegee and start squeegeeing off all the dirty water and dirt. Again going from side to side, top to bottom to insure that all the water and dirt is being washed down. It is very important to do this because once you cut that pattern and put it on you do not want to take that piece of tint off because you missed dirt underneath window. Again cleaning this window this thoroughly makes for a professional job. Now that concludes this segment.