Video transcription

Now, I'm going to show you how to clean a monitor. This is the regular Sierra T monitor. I'm sure that most of you guys have a LCD monitor also remember when you clean a monitor do not use glass cleaner because most screens computer screens are a LCD screen they have a special coating on the screen and when you use a commercial glass cleaner you going to damage the screen. So the best thing to use is other use a commercial cleaner like this one the anti static moist towels or you could use anti static spray. Okay. The one that I'm going to use you could other use one or the other. If you are going to use the anti static spray on the screen make sure that you spray a little bit here. I'm using a paper towel. Just fold it up spray a little bit here. There you go and just wipe it on the screen like that. Okay folks remember not to use commercial glass cleaner or otherwise you would damage the special coating of the glass on the monitor screen. Just wipe it up like that. There you go. Now for a LCD screens you could also use the same thing just make sure when you clean the screen of a LCD monitor do not apply to much pressure because otherwise you might damage the liquid crystal display underneath. So just apply it light pressure when you clean the monitor like this. For the outside of the case you could use soap and mild soap and water solution or you could use water and vinegar. In this case I would just be using also a anti static cleaning solution just so you know the monitor won't gather to much dust. Again we are going to spray a little bit here on the paper towel. Okay just rub lightly on the casein of the monitor. That is it and don't forget to clean the back to. Now since this monitor has couple of holes here on the top what I'm going to do is spray a little bit of compress air. Okay folks there you have it that is how you clean a monitor.