Video transcription

Hi, my name is Victoria Calvin, with Splish-n-Splash Mobile Pet Spa in Miami, Florida. Let's talk about how to use thinning shears on a dog. Thinning shears are a wonderful tool that you can use to help blend transitional lines and also thin out bulky spots on your pet's coat. The best way to use thinning shears is to number one, have your dog restrained in a place where you know he will not be able to wiggle away from you. Thinning shears can be sharp and if they pinch the skin they will make your dog bleed. Thinning shears come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, this is a forty four tooth, skip tooth blade, the closer together the teeth are the fuzzier the hair is going to look when you use it. As you can see, it has a bunch of little teeth with little jagged edges, this is a thinning shear. When you're using a thinning shear on your pet, pretend my arm is your dogs body, you're going to want to put the opening of the thinning shear closest to their skin with the teeth angled slightly away from the body. When using the thinning shear with the tip of the shear angled towards the end of your dogs hair, you're going to lightly snip away all the loose little jagged hairs to create a smooth finish. Do not cut too many times without steeping back to look at your work or you will quickly find that you took off too much hair. Thinning shears are good to be used for thinning out the tail and transition lines between the body and the legs when you're doing a smooth hair cut up top. To use it to thin, you're going to snip and pull slightly up, very gently, you don't want to rip the hair out. And to use it to blend you're going to hold it straight down towards the tip of the hair and snip quickly without pulling away. This has been Victoria Calvin, thank you for watching.