Video transcription

Hi, I'm Pete Lichau, head trainer, Rose Gate Farm. Today we're going to talk about how to hook a harness up to a horse. The materials you'll need for this video are: a bridle with lines, breast collar with tugs, a saddle, and the breeching. Now, to put your harness on your horse, first you'll attach your saddle. Then you'll hang your breeching. You'll attach your crupper. Come up to the front of your horse, hang your breast collar and tugs. Be a good idea to flip those tugs over your horse's back to keep them out of the way. Now you're ready to put your bridle on, and as you've got your bridle on your horse, you'll take your lines and run them through the line rings on your breast collar and on your saddle. Now you're ready to hook your horse to the cart. I'm Pete Lichau, head trainer at Rose Gate Farm, and I'm glad I could help you hook your horse to a harness.