Video transcription

The question is about arthritis and joint relief in dogs. And in modern times there are a lot of different things that you can do to help dogs that have arthritis and joint problems. Arthritis essentially is the build up of scar tissue or bony type of material in the joints. It cause obviously pain, stiffness, difficulty in getting around, things like that. Older dogs and bigger dogs are very, very susceptible to that of course. So dogs that have joint or arthritis pain the first thing to think about is are they overweight. If they are weight loss is the number one thing to help those dogs out. Exercise is an important thing as well. You don't want these dogs over exercising but you don't want them laying around all the time either. That's going to stiffen up those joints more. These days there are a lot of medications like nsaids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories. There are several that can be given to help actually joint pain, arthritis pain, that sort of thing. There's also other supplements like glucosamine and condroitin sulfate and these days there are foods that also have a lot of fatty acids and glucosamine in them. And so check with your veterinary clinic. Make sure that that's what you're treating. If you're dealing with an arthritic, joint pained dog, talk to them about these things and they can work you through it. But supplements, possibly medications, food changes, weight loss are all very, very important. And that can help dogs get some relief.