Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Greg McDonald. I'm a veterinarian in Southern California. I own McDonald Animal Hospital in Santa Barbara. I wanted to show you how we treat warts in dogs. Warts are really a kind of a tumor that grow in older animals. This is Oakley. And Oakley's a little bit tired of standing on my table here but we just wanted to show you how we freeze these off. It would be important, again, to have your veterinarian help you with this. It's one of those things that has to be done right or you could hurt your animal. These, if you have a poodle or some of the older dogs that they're like poodles, they get these little growths on them, they look like warts but they're really adenomas. Adenomas are skin cancers and the reason that we like to take them off is because they will occasionally start to bleed if the animal scratches or causes a problem that way. So if we get them when they're small we can just freeze them off and they're quite easy to do that. Almost done Oakley. So when we freeze them we use a product called Verruca Freeze. And this is the product right here called Verruca Freeze. It comes in a can and it's pressurized and then we can isolate the growth with one of these little cones. So we put the cone over the dogs wart like this and then we spray this into the area and when it freezes then we take it off and let it thaw and then we come back and do it one more time. It takes a total of about three minutes, four minutes to treat one wart. It's just like your dermatologist would do. They freeze these little warts on humans as well. And then they just drop off and go away. So it's a really nice way for your veterinarian to take care of a problem which can be a potential serious problem if we just go ahead and get rid of these early and not wait for them to get large and start to bleed.