Video transcription

Hi Frank Ganley PGA golf professional here at the Downs Golf practice facility in Tampa, Florida. The question today is Frank, how do you hit a draw? It's very easy to hit one. What you're trying to achieve, is an inside outside swing. I want you to know this, these three clubs. This club here, is our target line. These two clubs here, are our swing path line. So that when I dress the golf ball, I am addressed straight down the range. When I take it back, I go through the two golf clubs, winding up. I just move my hip on the unwind portion and notice that my club is parallel with the two clubs that are pointed down the swing path line. I then release the club head, square the other side, and I finish. And that's how you hit a draw. Any questions on how to hit a draw, give me a call. Frank Ganley, PGA golf professional at the Tampa Downs golf practice facility. Tampa, Florida. Have a great day.