Video transcription

My name is Mark Blocker. In this segment we're going to cover, why do circuit breakers trip? OK, if you've got a circuit breaker that's tripped, regardless of whether it's the single type, or maybe even a double type that's tripped, each one of these circuit breakers has a different power rating on them, and the power rating should be stamped right on the end of the circuit breaker, on the switch handles themselves. The single here, that's a twenty amp, and this is a forty amp double here. And what causes a circuit breaker to trip is if it's a single, what ever the rating on, let's say it's a twenty amp rated circuit breaker, if that twenty amp circuit breaker trips, what's caused that is something on this circuit has exceed the twenty amp rating of the circuit breaker, causing it to trip. Now, there's many different reasons why that circuit breaker might trip. It could be a defective appliance that you have plugged in to that circuit, or maybe you have too many appliances plugged in to the circuit. The reason the circuit breaker trip is something in that circuit has exceed the twenty amp rating in the circuit breaker, causing it to trip. What you need to do is shut off all the devices on that circuit, reset the circuit breaker, and then turn on the devices one at a time. If the circuit breaker trips, just note which device you plugged in at the time that it, that it tripped, and that'll give you and indication of where the problem might be. Or it could be that you just have too many appliances, or a heater, or something of high current that's plugged in there that's exceeding the power limits of that circuit breaker. So that's why a circuit breaker trips.