Video transcription

My name is William Perkinson and I'm here to show you how to clean a condenser fan in your refrigerator. Now one of the ways you'll know if your fan will need it is if your refrigerator quits cooling and this is the easiest thing to check, you look in the back. It has got usually a cardboard or plastic cover and you will use your screwdriver, loosen the screws which I have already done and we'll take this off and this is your condenser coils and fan. The older the refrigerator the more cobwebs and dust will be here but it is fairly simple, easy to do. We'll take a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment on it, turn it on somehow, just vacuum over it. It is very simple but very effective. You can see it is clean, looks like new here. This allows air to flow freely over it, keeps the condenser from overheating and your air conditioner or refrigerator will cycle more frequently and keep the entire contents cool and I'm William Perkinson and that's how you clean the condenser fan on a refrigerator.