Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Dowdy with Orange Star Networks, and I'm here to explain to you how to connect a wireless printer to your laptop. The first you'll want to do is locate the software installation disc that comes with your wireless printer. Insert it into your disc drive, and your laptop and the software installation should start automatically. If it doesn't, simply browse for the installation icon, either through My Computer on your desktop or through the Start menu. Once the installation of the software is complete, the software may require you to reboot your laptop. After you've done so, look for a configuration utility icon on your desktop if it doesn't start automatically. The configuration utility will search wirelessly for the new printer and allow you to rename it, or even change the security settings to prevent others from printing to it. At this time, you'll want to also select it as your default printer to make it easier to find when you're ready to print. My name is Chris Dowdy with Orange Star Networks, and that's how you configure your wireless printer to work on your laptop.