Colors of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Written by david slate | 13/05/2017
Colors of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
Compact bodies and small ears distinguish Netherland dwarf rabbits. (hadns holding small rabbit image by Denis Tabler from

The Netherland dwarf is a breed of domesticated rabbit that was developed in Holland in the early 1900s and eventually became a sought after pet in the U.S. and other countries like the U.K.A compact body, small ears and soft fur make this breed a desirable pet. Though a lively, and sometimes unpredictable temperament make them less appropriate pets for small children. This breed's coat is short, soft and can come in a variety of colours. While some have Siamese type markings, others can range from white to shades of brown and grey. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognises five distinct colour groups of Netherland dwarf rabbits.

Self Category

The Self category refers to a few different fur colours and includes ruby and blue-eyed versions of white-furred specimens. Rabbits with black and chocolate coloured coats fall into this designation as well. Also included are varieties with blue or lilac shades of fur.

Shaded Category

The Shaded category includes Netherland dwarfs with Siamese markings. This type of Netherland dwarf has darker markings around areas of its body like the ears, face and tail. These types come in either sable or smoke pearl colours. The sable point variety is included in this group and has darker brown colours on the ears, nose, feet and tail. Tortoise shell coats are represented here as well, with their mottled mixture of orange and bluish black.

Agouti Category

A number of colour types exist in this category that includes a chestnut brown variety. The opal type has a pale blue body of fur. Silvery-blue chinchilla and bluish-white squirrel colour types also exist under this title. The lynx type is also listed under the agouti heading and has a white undercoat and bright orange topcoat.

Tan Pattern Category

Colour varieties like tan are listed under this category. The otter type has orange-tan to cream coloured markings on the face, neck and belly. Silver and smoke pearl marten types are also designated as tan patterns. Marten refers to silver-white coloured markings that occur around the neck and behind the ears. The sable marten type is also a member of this category.

AOV Category

The AOV, or Any Other Variety, category includes colours like fawn, orange and steel. Broken fur types are under this listing as well, and refer to a spotted or blotchy appearance of the fur. The Himalayan type of Netherland dwarf also falls under the AOV category and is distinguished by its white body with black ears, paws and tail.

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