Household products containing ammonium chloride

Written by rachel murdock | 13/05/2017
Household products containing ammonium chloride
Some shampoos contain ammonium chloride. (shampoos and shaving foam lined up image by Georgios Alexandris from

Ammonium chloride is an acidic compound that is used to treat cases of low chlorides in the blood or in cases where the body is too alkaline due to vomiting, diuretics or some stomach disorders. Additionally, a large amount of the ammonium chloride manufactured each year is used as fertiliser, including use in the rice paddies in Japan. This acidic salt is also used in many household products, including polishes and cleaners. Ammonium chloride is generally considered safe, although it can cause mild skin irritation in some people.

Flux and Solder

Ammonium chloride is an ingredient in several types of flux, solder and solder paste. These products are used for joining metal with a torch and are often utilised by plumbers joining copper pipes and fittings.

Metal Polishes

Another group of products containing ammonium chloride is brass and copper polishes. These products come in liquid or paste form. They are spread onto a piece of metal, allowed to dry, then buffed to a shiny finish.

Personal Care Products

A large number of personal care products contain ammonium chloride. These products include shampoos, body washes, hair colour and liquid hand soaps. Cleansers with ammonia-based phosphates for cleaning may also contain ammonium chloride to help create lather and add viscosity to the liquid.

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