Winter Plants That Grow on a Trestle

Updated February 21, 2017

Most home gardeners probably do not consider winter an ideal time for blooms. Yet a number of winter climbing plants exist that will easily grow to cover your trestle. Winter climbers add whimsy and colour to your garden, ensuring it stands out even when the weather turns cold.

Winter-Blooming Jasmine

Winter-blooming jasmine is a winter climbing plant that produces bright yellow flowers. It happily grows along a hedge, up a tree or climbs through a trestle, spreading its dark green vines and star-shaped blooms as it goes. This unique and extremely fragrant winter bloomer lacks foliage. The plant bloom period begins in January and ends in March.


The honeysuckle is a highly fragrant winter bloomer. It produces groups of tubelike blooms of white with pale yellow anthers that gentle dangle from its thin branches. Plant it near a trestle placed near the opening of your garden or home entrance, so you and your guests can appreciate the winter plant's pleasantly sweet aroma. The plant's flower buds are replaced with green leaves in the spring and summer.


The fleabane has blooms that resemble daisies of white and pink. It's a year-around bloomer. Simply pluck off a few flowers and watch as more flowers grow in its place. This perennial grows best in areas of part shade and partial sunlight. It spreads quickly when planted in nearly any soil condition with little moisture. It makes an optimal border plant or grows well on a trestle.

Lilac Vine

The lilac vine is a climbing evergreen. Once mature, its stems reach as much as 10 feet tall. It produces clusters of vibrant purple blooms accented with dark green foliage during mid to late winter. Plant it in areas of sun or shade.

Blue Sky Flower

Although blue sky flower is regarded as an indoor plant, it easily adorns a trestle with its blue flowers. Flowers have a tubular form and sunshine yellow throats. It's a copious flower-producing winter plant with blooms that just about mask the vine at the height of its bloom period. Its small 3-inch flowers appear in the fall and lasts until the spring.

Asarina Scandens

Similar in appearance to the strepocarpus, the Asarina scandens (figwort and climbing snapdragon) has blue, red, pink and white blooms. This climbing plant produces flowers right up until the winter holiday season and later when grown in a conservatory and greenhouse. Its flowers are flanked by green leaves that allow its flowers to pop with colour. Plant this perennial near the base of a trestle, and watch it grow and spread.

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