RX8 Tips

Written by john hume
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RX8 Tips
Mazda's RX8 is the only car on the market to use a rotary engine. (rx8 with background image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.com)

The RX8 is a sport coupe manufactured by Mazda. The RX8 is famous for being the only car to come equipped with a rotary engine. The rotary engine is a unique patented design. Instead of having pistons that move up and down, the rotary engine is a circular design with three compartments where ignition happens that spins a centre cylinder. The RX8 was first introduced in 2004, and is the successor to the previous RX7, which was a turbocharged sport coupe with a rotary engine.

Rear Wheel Drive

The RX8 is a rear-wheel-drive sports car with stiff suspension tuned for performance rather than comfort. As such, the car requires a careful driver during cold and rainy conditions. A rear-wheel-drive sports coupe will easily slip during cold and rain if the driver is not careful. This can result in an accident and injury to the driver. Winter tires can provide extra grip during cold weather.

Oil Consumption

The rotary engine is a unique design with its own benefits, but it also requires certain maintenance that its pistons counterpart does not. Because of its design, the rotary engine tend to consume some oil along with gasoline. Carrying an extra container of oil on long trips is a good idea because of this oil consumption. An engine without oil can quickly become damaged. Frequent oil level checks are also recommended to ensure that the engine always has a proper amount of oil available. The RX8 also requires premium gasoline.


The Mazda RX8 is a performance coupe, and as such has a vast array of aftermarket options available for it. From performance to aesthetics, the RX8 can be modified to suit its owner's taste. Performance upgrades in the form of turbocharger kits, intakes and exhaust upgrades are popular for the RX8. The rotary engine works particularly well with turbochargers, and the RX8's predecessor, the RX7, was a turbocharged design.

Gas Mileage

The rotary engine is used by Mazda because of its simpler design and smaller weight. However, one of the engine's downsides is gas consumption. Because of its design, the engine consumes more gas than a similar piston engine. The RX8 is rated at 16mpg city driving and 22mpg highway. Keeping the weight of the car low and not driving the car aggressively can help in keeping the gas mileage at its optimal level. Some RX8 owners will take out the spare tire, and sometimes even the back seats, to reduce the weight of the car. This will increase performance by increasing the car's power-to weight-ratio as well as improve gas mileage.

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