Plants for a 50th Birthday Gift

Updated November 21, 2016

A 50th birthday is cause for celebration and many gifts are given to those celebrating the magical half-century mark. One gift option for someone turning 50 is a plant. Plants can signify longevity, as many grow for years. A plant is also a great gift for someone who enjoys having a piece of nature right in their own home. Giving potted plants is the easiest way to give someone a plant as a gift.


Popular throughout China for the good luck associated this tree, giving someone the gift of a bamboo plant is one way to celebrate a 50th birthday. Bamboo is relatively easy to care for, making it ideal for someone who has a busy lifestyle. Potted bamboo is striking in its appearance, as the straight stalks that shoot out of the container draw attention. Full sun is needed to properly grow bamboo, so make sure your gift recipient has at least one sunny spot to place the plant.


The aloe plant has been used traditionally as a healing plant. Giving someone the gift of aloe for her 50th birthday is one way to let her know that you have her health and well-being in mind. The inside gel of the aloe plant can be used for medicinal purposes such as treating cuts and burns. Aloe is a hearty plant that is suitable for growing in pots and indoors. This easy-to-grow plant can make for a gift that lasts for many years to come.


The cactus can draw awe and attention just by its sheer uniqueness. A large assortment of small cactus plants is readily available. Little to no care, beyond occasional watering, is required. To make the gift of a cactus even more special and targeted toward the recipient, choose a variety that suits the person's style and lifestyle. For example, a Christmas cactus would be an ideal choice for someone with a birthday around the holiday season as the plant blooms just about that time every year.


Indoor potted herbs and herb gardens are options when looking for the right type of plant to give as a gift. Suitable for a birthday, herbs can be grown in either small or large areas. Potted herbs make good gifts for those who enjoy cooking and using fresh herbs for seasoning foods. Popular choices for indoor herbs include parsley, basil, oregano, dill and chives. To make this gift even more special, have the herbs planted in a nice container and put multiple plants in one area. This allows the new owner to keep the herbs handy and in one spot for easy access, care and use.

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