List of Fireproofing Materials

Updated March 18, 2017

Fireproofing is a very important part of keeping people safe and protecting their belongings. There are many different materials that are available for fireproofing. Each one is better for fireproofing different objects and materials. It is important to choose a material that is suitable for whatever you are planning to fireproof.

Inspecta-Shield Fire Retardant

This item is a fireproofing spray that can be used on many different items within your household. It is for interior use only. Inspsecta-Shield can be used on most types of fabrics, wooden materials, furniture, carpeting, paper, mattresses and decorations. However, there may be changes to the material it is sprayed on, so it is always best to check for these changes on a sample piece of material or in a spot that no one will see.

Fire Retardant Paints and Varnishes

For the exterior of the home, fire retardant paints and varnishes are available. These paints can be tinted, similarly to regular paint. These paints can be used both indoors and outdoors and come in different finishes, such as low-, semi- and high-gloss. They can be used on anything from the roof and the deck to stairways and ceilings.

Fireproof Insulation

Fireproof insulation is an excellent addition to your walls, attic and basement. When this insulation is sprayed into place, it will help keep your building warm in the winter, cooler in the summer and protect your building in the event of a fire. It is an excellent product for structures consisting of steel, concrete and similar materials.

Fireproof Boards

In some cases, it can be more suitable to build something out of fireproof boards or to use fireproof boards when building. These boards come in a variety of materials, ranging from PVC to glass. They can be used for walls and ceilings. In the past, many fireproof building components contained asbestos. Since asbestos has been deemed unsafe, it is important to hire someone to safely remove the asbestos and replace components with newer material.

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