Torque Specifications for Z32 Calipers

Written by roman boiarschi | 13/05/2017
Torque Specifications for Z32 Calipers
Brake calipers press the brake pads against the rotor when you step on the brake pedal. (brake calipers image by Tom Oliveira from

Produced by Nissan, Z32 is a chassis designation for the 300ZX model. 300ZX was first introduced in North America in 1990. It was powered with a powerful 3.0L engine that could get the car to rather high speed. Respectively the car required a good braking system.


One of the key components of your car is the brake system, where the brake caliper operates like a small hydraulic clamp designed to grab and grip the brake rotor and bring the car to a full stop. The brake caliper is a U-shaped device that has either one or more pistons on both sides of the U.

Brake Caliper Service

To get to your brake caliper you need to perform some steps. Raise and support either rear or back of vehicle and remove the wheels. Then disconnect the brake tube and hand brake cable from the caliper assembly. Remove the caliper mounting bolts and the caliper. To install, reverse the procedure. Nissan Z32 was equipped with two different models of brake calipers, AD7HA assembly and OPZ11V assembly.

Specifications for AD7HA

Two of the bolts that hold the torque member should be tightened using 38-52 N.m of torque. The bolt that holds the cable guide should be tightened 37-49 using 37-49 N.m of torque, and the one that tightens the washer, toggle lever and the cam to the brake cylinder should be tightened using 37-49 N.m of torque.

Specifications for OPZ11V

The two big bolts that hold the brake caliper together should be tightened using 38-52 N.m of torque, and the other two that hold the brake cable bracket should be tightened using 11-16 N.m of torque.

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