Challenges for Persons With a High IQ

Updated November 21, 2016

While having a high intelligent quotient (IQ) comes with respect, knowledge and easy learning, there are many challenges that affect people with a high IQ. Certain behaviours and problems are frequently associated with high IQ, although stereotypes of geniuses or high-intelligence people contradict this idea. Not everybody with a high IQ has serious mental or social problems, but there are more challenges to face.

Communication Problems

People with high IQ scores often have encyclopedic knowledge, above-average memory and calculation abilities. They process information much, much faster than the average person; however, this can lead to difficulty communicating. A high IQ often leads to social awkwardness, inability to make small talk and problems making friends with people of average intelligence. People with high IQ scores feel isolated and have trouble expressing themselves to less intelligent people.


High IQ can also cause large amounts of stress. With faster thought processing and ability to reason, a high IQ can make you worry or be anxious about things that you can't control. Every activity, problem or event in your life becomes a problem to solve or calculate, leading to stress, worry and difficulty leading a normal life. A high IQ can be a burden for dealing with routine, normal activities.

Mental Disorders

There is a significant connection between high IQ and mental disorders and psychological problems. In addition to extra stress and communication problems, a man with a high IQ is more likely to have certain mental disorders, like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism. Autistic savants are people who exhibit nearly off-the-chart IQ scores but are unable to function in regular society or even complete basic tasks. The movie "Rain Man" is about an autistic savant. Bipolar disorder is another affliction of people with high IQ scores. This affects mood, feelings and social interactions.

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