Ideas for How to Landscape With Pebbles

Updated February 21, 2017

Landscaping pebbles are a low-maintenance groundcover option, offering an environmentally-friendly way to protect your soil and help control unwanted plants. Because they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, use pebbles to complement any type of landscaping design.

Tree Base

If you have trees in your yard with unattractive or worn ground at the base, use pebbles to even out the ground. Make a ring out of bricks, large rocks or a cement mould, and then pour pebbles in the centre up to the tree trunk. Use pebbles to cover the ground on a landscaping border under hedges. This is particularly useful when grass will not grow or roots are visible. A pebble base gives your yard a polished, finished appearance.

Garden Path

Pebbles are an easy way to create a path through your garden or yard. For a simple method, simply mark off the path, line it with large rocks as a container and fill with small pebbles. Lay large flagstones down and use pebbles to fill the spaces around the stones for a visually striking look. Because a path covers a good deal of ground, choose a colour that complements the exterior of your home.

Desert Landscaping

In desert areas where the cost and water use makes a grass lawn unreasonable, use pebbles to create a smooth, even base for other landscaping efforts. Cover the entire yard in a single colour or alternate colours in waving stripes or patches. For an organised look, cover the yard in a base colour and use a second colour as a border around the house or the bases of plants and large boulders. Because pebbles do not require maintenance or watering, they are a cost-effective method for covering a large space.

Yard Art

Because landscaping pebbles come in a wide variety of colours, use them to create yard art. Make a miniature maze in your garden or design an abstract pattern that uses different colours. Alternate stripes of pebbles around a planter, create an unexpected tribal art piece in your back yard or design a monogram for the border along the front of your home.

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