Portable Heaters for Pets

Updated April 13, 2017

A wide variety of portable heaters for pets are available, including some for dogs, cats, birds and fish. These heaters function in any weather situation and are well suited for areas that are chilly during winter months, such as porches, outdoor dog houses and basements. The majority of heaters made specifically for pets contain shields that prevent accidental burns.

Cat Heat Mat

Cat heat mats are safe for all kittens and adult cats and come in three sizes (small, medium and large). These mats are powered by a transformer that uses low voltage or batteries, making it ideal for travel. Using a cat heat mat is inexpensive and is one of the safest methods of warming up a kitten and/or cat.

Dog Fan Heater

Dog fan heaters are appropriate for use when the canine is in a crate (cage) and can also be used while travelling. The heater has a casing to ensure the animal's safety from the spinning blades inside. In addition, the design protects against the dog inadvertently pressing operation buttons on the unit. This unit is easy to install on the side of the dog cage and can be operated by standard plug or battery.

Birdhouse Heater

The Birdhouse Heater functions under all weather conditions and has protected controls that prevent the birds from pressing buttons. The heater consists of a thermostat that continuously monitors the temperature of the birdhouse and automatically adjusts the temperature as required. A wall outlet or battery can power the unit, which is portable and comes with full installation instructions.

Fish Tank Heater

Currently only one style of fish tank heater is portable: the immersible heater. For operation, the heater clamps onto the side of the bowl or tank and is immersed to heat the water. The controls on the heater are not waterproof, so it must be kept above water level.

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