Ideas for small garden fencing

Updated February 21, 2017

When planting a small garden -- such as a vegetable garden -- you may consider surrounding it with a fence to deter animals from invading and destroying your plants. A privacy fence isn't suitable for such an area, as you probably would like to be able to view the garden. Instead, install a fence that enables you to see your garden and still provides the protection that you desire.

Picket Fence

Protect your garden and add a decorative element with a picket fence. These fences are constructed of vertical pickets that are affixed to two horizontal boards at the top and bottom of the fence. The pickets are spaced out, enabling you to see through the fence. A picket gate positioned between two sections allows easy entry to your garden. These fences are traditionally made of wood, though one constructed of vinyl is a more durable option.

Chain Link

Though these fences may not be the most attractive, they certainly provide protection while enabling you to view your garden. Metal posts are inserted into the ground and a woven, zig-zag-shaped galvanised or steel-coated wire is attached to the poles, creating a protective barrier around the specified area. These fences are typically silver in colour, though the wire can be covered with a coloured rubber coating, giving the fence colour. Chain link fences are highly durable and keep several types of critters at bay.

Split Rail

These fences were originally used by farmers to keep their livestock contained on their property. Just as they keep the animals contained in a space, they can also prevent animals from entering a space. Split-rail fences are constructed of poles that are inserted into the ground, which are used to support two horizontal rails -- one at the top of the fence and one at the bottom. Wood and vinyl are the materials used for split-rail fences. They provide minimal view obstruction while keeping pests away from your plants.

Stone Fence

While you won't be able to see through a fence made of stone, you will be able to see over it and your garden will certainly be protected. If your yard has a large amount of rocks, simply gather them to use for your fence, or you can purchase stones from a home improvement store. To construct this fence, simply stack the stones on top of one another until you reach the desired height. This type of fence will add to the natural beauty of your garden and will last for quite some time.

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