42nd Birthday Gifts for a Man

Updated April 17, 2017

Your man is turning 42 this year and you have no idea what to get him for his birthday. He is not a 20-year-old anymore, but he is nowhere near slowing down. It can be a challenging task to get a man a gift he will be excited about for his birthday. Try to focus on gifts and party theme ideas that celebrate his age with sentiment and humour.

Celebration Year Gifts

Get your man some memorabilia from the year he was born, such as the top music or a book of events and candies from that time period. Another idea from the Birthday and Anniversary Gifts website is a newspaper page from that year with a frame around it. The newspaper is personalised with his name and date of birth and contains newspaper headlines and sports stories from that year.

Adventure Gifts

Get him an adventure gift if he is more of an outdoor or adventurous type. You can get him a private rock climbing lesson or a guided nature hike for him with friends and family in your local area. Personalise it with everyone wearing special T-shirts saying "Happy 42nd Birthday" with his name on each of the guests' shirts as they go on the hike. If he is even more daring and adventurous, treat him to private ninja lessons or trapeze lessons. Some of these gifts may require travel, which would be part of a weekend getaway for him.

42nd Birthday Memorabilia

Throw a 42nd birthday theme party for the birthday boy and have all of the guests wear T-shirts and hats and hand out coffee mugs that have 42nd birthday messages on them. You can find or create T-shirts, magnets, and other gag 42nd birthday expressions at speciality stores that engrave or T-shirt stores that will do speciality iron-on T-shirts and gifts. The 42nd Dads Birthday Gifts website has some unique specialised 42nd birthday messages including "Kiss Me I'm Forty-Two," "I'm not 42 . . . I'm 22 with 20 years experience" and "Life Begins at 42."

Birthday Cards for a 42nd Birthday

Give a birthday card specific to a 42nd birthday. You can find cards that have specific messages for a 42nd birthday. The Greeting Card Universe website offers 42nd birthday cards that range from humorous with a cartoon character in his birthday suit saying, "Forty-two really suits you! Happy Birthday!" to a sentimental 42nd birthday card saying, "This card is stuffed with 42 hugs and kisses for your special day. Happy 42nd Birthday!"

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