Most Powerful Pellet Rifles

Updated February 21, 2017

Pellet rifles are a type of air gun designed to fire projectiles called pellets. Pellets can be made of lead or steel covered in copper or zinc. Pellet rifles can be used for Olympic sport, recreation and hunting. Pellet rifles use compressed air to propel the pellets. The most powerful pellet rifles can achieve velocities of up to 1,600 feet per second, and are typically used for small-game hunting.

Gamo Hunter Extreme

Gamo is the largest producer of air guns in Europe. Based in Spain, the company has been making air guns for more than 60 years. The company also produces ammunition for air guns that is designed to produce higher velocities. The Gamo Hunter Extreme air rifle is a .177 calibre single-shot rifle, intended primarily for hunting, that is capable of driving standard lead pellets at a speed of 1,250 fps. With Gamo's PBA Raptor pellets, which are made of a harder lead alloy that includes 18 carat gold, it will achieve 1,600 fps. The gun includes a high-power 3-9 by 50mm scope that has an illuminated mil-dot reticle.

Air force Condor Air Rifle

The AirForce Condor .177 calibre air rifle produces velocities of 1,450 fps. Air force brand rifles are advanced air rifles made from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and advanced polymers that make the gun lightweight, well-balanced and stable. This rifle is a pre-charged pneumatic rifle which requires a pump or scuba refill clamp (sold separately) to recharge its reservoir. The gun features a powerful 4-16 by 50mm scope, adjustable power level and comes with a hand pump. This rifle is suitable for small-game hunting as well as target shooting.

ShinSung Air Rifle

ShinSung is a South Korean company recognised for making accurate and high quality air rifles. They are particularly respected for the barrels they produce and make air-rifle barrels for some high-end European air rifle manufacturers. The Career Dragon Slayer 50 air rifle is intended for hunting. It fires .50 calibre, 180-grain pellets at up to 567 fps, producing over 192 foot-pounds of energy. While it does not have a scope, one can be mounted on the 11mm rail. It has an air reservoir located directly below the barrel that can be filled with a scuba tank, electric compressor or hand pump. The gun can accommodate up to 3,000 psi of air pressure, making it a powerful hunting weapon.

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