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Updated February 21, 2017

Tenma is a product line by the Premier Farnell company, which is a British international company, but the Tenma product line is headquartered in Springboro, Ohio. Tenma specialises in measurement and testing instruments, and these tools are generally for industry professionals. Consumers can use some of these products, though. You can buy these products directly from the company or from small electronic stores such as Sarasota Electronics, Kimco Distributing Corporation or Technimark Inc.

High Voltage Probe

A high voltage probe works in conjunction with a standard voltmeter, except that it allows you to measure very high voltages. A voltmeter is an instrument that measures the difference between two positions along a circuit board. Before you attempt to use a high voltage probe, you must ensure that you have the proper insulation. The end of this probe goes through the insulation on a cable, and it mainly allows you to measure direct current (DC). You may take some low frequency alternating current (AC) measurements, though. The product number for this tool is 72-3040.


A multimeter is a device that allows you to take current, voltage and resistance measurements, and it is commonly referred to as a volt/ohm meter (VOM). An ohm refers to the resistance that exists between two conductor points. The 80,000 Count 4 3/4 Digit True RMS Multimeter DMM with RS-232 device measures AC/DC current and voltage, and it can also measure resistance, duty cycle and frequency. The duty cycle is a part of the time in which a device is in operation. While you can read data on the instrument's screen, you can also output data to your computer for further analysis or data logging. The product number for this instrument is 72-7760.

Power Supply Tester

The Deluxe Computer Advanced Technology Extended (ATX) Power Supply Tester allows you to run tests on the power supplies for 20 and 24 pin ATX computers to determine whether these power providers are working properly. The device features a light emitting diode (LED) light to let you know whether it detects power and it will also take voltage measurements on active pins. The device is made of steel and it has a rubber base to stop it from sliding. The product number for this instrument is 72-1086.


An oscilloscope measures fluctuating voltage signals and it converts these signals into graphical form and generally these graphs are comprised of an X and Y axis. The 20 Megahertz (MHz) Oscilloscope with Function Generator can measure input voltage up to 300 volts for DC and AC measurements and it captures both dual trace and channel information. A dual channel means that you can capture two different channels, and dual trace means that you can view two input channels at the same time. The product number for this instrument is 72-6805.

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