Interior decorator window glass panel ideas

Interior decorators use glass panels inside the house as a way to bring in light. When the light comes in through the windows and bounces off the panels, it reflects around the room and can even make the space look and feel larger. These glass panels are similar to the ones used in doors and windows outside the house, but the window glass panels also serve a decorating purpose inside the house.

Glass Panel Doors

A simple way to add glass panels to your home is by turning the panels into an interior door. Interior doors are typically lightweight with a hollow core. The doors are unadorned and fairly plain. A glass panel door offers less privacy because the panels give a glimpse into the room, but the doors are more highly decorated. Add the doors in areas where you don't require privacy, such as the doors to a living room, sitting room or den. Light shines through the doors, creating a brighter and warmer space. Glass panels can even be used to create room dividers, which turn a single room into two separate spaces.

Add New Furniture

When used properly, glass panels become a new type of furniture for your home. Glass panels combined with metal legs and brackets make a stand for a television and your other electronics. A wood or metal stand is the ideal base for a coffee table top made from glass panels. The same idea also works for a kitchen or dining room table and end tables. Mix larger glass panels with concrete blocks or plastic boxes to create a new bookshelf for your home.

Make a Focal Point

Glass panels work on a number of different levels in the home, including serving as a covering for one entire wall. The glass panels are attached to the wall with screws placed at each corner or with a substance like poster gum. The poster gum sticks to the wall and peels off easily without damaging the paint or wallpaper underneath. Glass panels are also used with flat screen televisions and paintings. The item is attached to the top of the glass panel. These ideas make the glass panel the focal point of the room. If you prefer using the glass panels in a smaller way, look for panels in a window frame. Attach hooks to the bottom of the window, and add a chain at the top. When you hang the window on the wall, it becomes a coat rack.

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