Children's Dog-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Written by carl hose | 13/05/2017
Children's Dog-Themed Bedroom Ideas
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Dogs and puppies are a favourite animal for many children. A dog-themed bedroom is the ideal way to give a child who likes dogs a special place to show how much she likes them. Dog-themed bedroom ideas can include anything from dog cartoon favourites like Scooby-Doo and Clifford to a theme based on a real canine companion.

Scooby-Doo Theme

Decorate a room with Scooby-Doo furnishings and accessories. Purchase a bedroom set that features the famous canine sleuth, and hang pictures of Scooby-Doo on the wall. Complement the wall hangings with a variety of stuffed Scooby-Doos, and place Scooby Doo figures on the dresser, desk and other furniture. You can purchase a Scooby-Doo lamp and curtains to accent the theme.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford is a Public Broadcasting favourite, especially for younger kids. Clifford bedding, curtains and stuffed toys are ideal for young kids who like dogs. Place a Clifford blanket and pillowcase set on the bed, and set a Clifford lamp on a nightstand. To add to the Clifford theme, hang posters of Clifford on the wall. Place a few Clifford stuffed animals around the room, arranged on the bed or sitting in a rocking chair. For a young child, get a doghouse toy box. Complete the theme with curtains featuring scenes from Clifford.

Famous Movie Dogs

Decorate a room with posters and stuffed versions of some of Hollywood's most famous live action movie dogs. These can include Lassie, Benji, the French mastiff Hooch (from Turner and Hooch), and Old Yeller. Old movie posters featuring these dogs, as well as stuffed versions, make an ideal room decor for older kids who love dogs. The Pound Puppies and 101 Dalmations are two more Hollywood dogs that make good dog-themed bedrooms.

Doghouse Theme

Paint doggy biscuits, puppies, dogs and a big doghouse on the bedroom walls. Hang a net in one corner of the room, and fill it with stuffed dogs of all types. Purchase dog-themed toys, including mechanical dogs and dogs that bark. Use those dog toys as furniture decor. For older children, porcelain or plaster dog statues and figurines can be used as well.

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