The Best Flowers to Use for Flower Pouches

Updated February 21, 2017

Sowing flowers in pouches is a fairly uncomplicated way of dressing up your porch, patio or deck. You can purchase the pouches, fill them with potting soil and then plant your desired seeds. Some flowers grow extremely well in the pouches, while other flowers should remain in the ground or in pots. Choose the right seeds and you will be happy with the appearance of your flower-growing pouch.


Geraniums work well in the growing pouches. You can either purchase pouches that have all the soil and seeds already in them and are ready to hang, or you can purchase the empty bags and plant them yourself. Geraniums are available in different colours and varieties. The trailing varieties work best in the pouches as they have a tendency to spread out a little more, completely covering the outside of the pouch. You can plant one variety in one pouch and other varieties in other pouches to vary the look of the flowers.


Petunias also work well when you grow them in pouches. These cascading flowers come in a variety of different colours, including bi-colours. Petunias are a delicate-looking flower that blooms all summer long, giving you a respite from continuous planting. If you want to plant petunias in your pouches, you may want to begin the seeds indoors. Follow the directions for the pouch planting and then hang the pouch inside. Hang the pouch outside once you see shoots begin to poke out of the slits in the pouch and grow to be about 3 inches long. Do not put the pouch in direct sunlight until after the seeds sprout. If the nights are still a little cool where you live, you may want to bring the pouches indoors at night to protect the plants.


Impatiens come in a whole rainbow of colours and also come in dwarf sizes. They grow well in the bright sun or even in the shade. They are also an easy annual flower to grow, which makes them an ideal choice for garden planting or pouch planting. Impatiens do like the soil fairly moist, so if you are going to grow them in pouches you may find that you have to water them once or even twice a day, depending on the climate where you live. If the leaves begin to look a little bit wilted, that is one sign that they need a drink. Fortunately, if you give them a good drink of water they perk back up quickly.

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