Types of Star Flowers

Updated November 21, 2016

Although many star flowers have five petals that form a star, there are others with more than five. An example is the star-shaped "Star of Bethlehem," which is a perennial bulb with six white petals, according to the photo on the Virginia Tech Identification Guide website. Some star flowers offer sweet fragrances such as the Nicotiana F1, which emits a strong jasmine-like fragrance in the evening when its star-shaped white or purple blooms emerge, according to Colorado State University.


Lychnis flowers are easy-to-grow star-shaped flowers that come in colours of white, scarlet, pink and fuscia. The maltese cross (L. chalcedonica), which produces scarlet red flowers in round, thick clusters, is one of the best varieties and attracts hummingbirds, according to Colorado State University. Other top varieties include the German catchy fly (L. viscaria), which has sticky stems and grassy-like leaves, and the rose campion (L. coronaria) with its woolly, silvery grey leaves and white or fuchsia blooms.

Blue Star Creeper

The blue star creeper (Pratia pedunculata), an evergreen plant with tiny leaves and light-blue, star-shaped flowers, grows to 4 or 5 inches tall, states the University of California. Also known as Laurentia fluviatillis or Isotoma fluviatilis, the blue star creeper grows vigorously and is thought to be invasive by some people, although it's able to be managed. It can be more invasive when given too much water and fertiliser. This creeping plant can take some foot traffic and does well planted between stepping stones. Give it sufficient sun and adequate water.

Red Cypress Vine

The red cypress vine, an exceptionally attractive morning-glory, is a twining, flowering plant with lacy leaves. It has scarlet red, five-pointed star, tubular flowers about 1 1/2 inches long, according to Floridata. This vine has fine, feathery leaves that are divided into delicate segments. This fragile, dainty vine is not aggressive, although it can climb up to 20 feet under ideal circumstances. Red cypress vines come from tropical America and Mexico, although they now grow throughout much of eastern America. The vine's bright red flowers make a stunning landscape screen or can be used for covering a trellis. Its nectar attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Downy Jasmine

Downy jasmines (Jasminum multiflorum) are evergreen vines that produce little white star-shaped clustered flowers throughout the year, notes the University of Florida. They grow quickly and need full sun to partial shade. Their leaves and stems are coated with a velvety pubescence which give the plant its greyish-green look.


The primulaceae (Trientalis borealis) produces white, star-shaped flowers that have from five to nine pointed petals, usually borne in pairs above the leaves. The plant's long, narrow leaves are arranged in a single whorl of five to 10 leaves, according to Georgian Court University. Found in moist woods, these flowers bloom in late spring.

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