Wallpaper design styles in 1930

Updated April 17, 2017

Vintage wallpaper styles are a trendy, stylish way to add some pop to your redecorating plans. Wallpaper styles from the 1930s include several motifs, from floral to art deco. Using one of these patterns will add a hint of sophistication to your room, making it a conversation point at parties.


Floral wallpaper patterns in the 1930s are characterised by small, intricate images that repeat either in columns, rows or geometric shapes like a diamond of floral vines. This style of wallpaper looks busy from afar and is almost Victorian in its look. This similarity is because of the crossover of generations still attached to the Victorian era, which ended only a few decades before the 1930s began.

Art Deco

The art deco movement, characteristic of the 1930s, could be found in everything from furniture and lamps to the wallpaper in a room. Art deco wallpaper from the 1930s includes geometric images that use symmetry to create patterns. Bright colours like red orange blue are also common in 1930s art deco wallpaper, as are abstract images with rounded lines.


Toille is a pattern style that depicts scenes of country life, like farming or churning butter. It's a pattern made popular in France and grew in trend in the United States during the 1930s. Toille wallpaper came in several colours, though blue and red were commonly used. This type of wallpaper was often found in the kitchen or dining room in the 1930s, as many of the scenes in the toille wallpaper dealt with food.

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