Appliance Paint Colors

Updated February 21, 2017

You can completely redecorate your kitchen by simply changing the colour of your appliances. Paints are available that are specifically designated to paint microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances and are aptly called "appliance paints." They usually come in spray cans; other forms come in jars and are used for touching up scratches and nicks. If you plan to repaint your oven unit, make sure the paint is resistant to extreme heat. By repainting your appliances, you can redefine your kitchen without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Standard Colors

White, off-white colours (almond and biscuit) and black are the standard colours for appliances. Biscuit is similar to a light beige, and almond has a slightly brown hue. One Style at Home magazine suggestion for a kitchen is painting all of your appliances white, incorporating all white counters and cabinets and adding hints of a bright colour throughout the room, such as brown hardwood flooring, flowers and colourful fruit bowls. Alternatively, black appliances work well in a kitchen that is well lit by natural sunlight in combination with white or light-coloured countertops.

Stainless Steel

Painting your appliances stainless steel will provide a modern look to your kitchen. If you need to replace an appliance down the road, it will be easy to purchase a stainless steel model to match the rest of the appliances in your kitchen. Street Directory recommends incorporating warm-coloured cupboards and countertops, such as red, orange and yellow, or wooden panels, if you choose stainless steel for your appliances. Maytag also offers a pewter appliance paint colour, Whirpool offers a universal silver, and Amana has European silver; all of these are within the same colour range as stainless steal.

Other Colors

For a bolder statement, paint your appliances with KitchenAid's cobalt blue, hunter green, empire red or majestic yellow appliance paints. Red appliances provide a retro ambience and work nicely with black and white kitchen schemes. A Viking kitchen design incorporates cobalt blue appliances with marble countertops, light, wood-panelled cupboards and light orange walls. Country Living showcases an antique stove painted yellow; the backdrop is a copper-coloured and is complemented by cookware of the same colour. If you do not want to jump into painting all of your appliances blue, green, red or yellow, paint a smaller appliance first to see if you like what it adds to the room.

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