The Most Efficient Indoor Heaters

Updated February 21, 2017

Indoor heaters provide warmth to a home or work space in cold weather. Rather than warm an entire building, these efficient heaters can be placed to warm small areas, requiring less energy usage and saving on the electric bill. Most indoor heaters have settings to control how much heat is released.

Fanless Indoor Wall Heater

Fanless wall heaters are efficient heaters that can be placed in different areas throughout the home. These heaters recycle the cold air in the room by drawing it in to the heater and heating it. Warm air is then slowly released into the room through the top of the unit, without the use of a fan. Fanless heaters are also child friendly, as they are cool to the touch and will not burn. Consumers who purchase fanless wall heaters will find them easy to install. No drilling is required for mounting and the heater simply plugs into an electrical socket.

Oscillating Indoor Space Heaters

Oscillating indoor space heaters are portable enough to be placed on a night stand or table top. These heaters warm small areas of a home or office using fan-forced air. Oscillation allows the heater to circulate the warm air throughout the room as it swivels from left to right. Newer oscillating space heaters provide safety features such as an automatic-off switch that turns the heater off at a high temperature. Users can also set the desired temperature with the touch of a button or knob. Some space heaters can double as cool air fans in the summer time.

Flat Panel Micathermic Heaters

Flat panel micathermic heaters work efficiently to warm select areas of the home, such as a family room. These heaters, which offer a sleek design, use mica minerals in conjunction with infrared film, which enables the heater to warm up at a faster rate than other types of heaters. Consumers who purchase flat panel micathermic heaters will feel secure knowing that these heaters won't overheat and do not release harmful fumes into the air. Micathermic heaters are light and slim enough to fit into any room and have a sleek attractive design.

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