Cat ear tumor symptoms

Updated March 23, 2017

Cat ear tumours are growths in the ear canal, either benign or malignant. Both create an unpleasant medical problem for your pet. Benign ear tumours develop at about age seven on average, while malignant ear tumours appear at about age 11, according to the Pet Cancer Center. You can look for a number of identifiable symptoms that suggest a cat might have a tumour and need medical attention.

Presence of a Mass

The presence of a mass inside the cat's ear constitutes one of the most easily identifiable signs of an ear tumour. The Pet Cancer Center notes that if the mass is ulcerated and bleeding, it is likely malignant.

Smelly Discharge

An ear canal tumour often issues a discharge with a foul order.


The cat may feel an itching sensation and try to scratch the affected part of the ear if it has a tumour.


PetMD notes that a cat may have an ear tumour if red, crusted sores appear on the edges of the ears. The redness may disappear only to return again, and will likely expand over time.

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