Roof repair grants

Updated February 21, 2017

If your roof needs repair and you don't have the cash, you might be eligible for a grant to fix it. Most home improvement grant programs, which include roof repair grants, are funded through the federal government. In most cases, in order to receive a grant, you must meet federal low income guidelines, but if you can't, the same agencies also typically offer very low interest loans for home repairs.

USDA Rural Development Grants

If you live outside a city in a rural area, you can apply for a United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Grant to fix your roof. The Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Grant provides monies to very-low income homeowners 62 years of age or older to repair their homes to eliminate health or safety hazards, and a bad roof typically qualifies as a health or safety hazard. Grants amounts vary on a case per case basis. If you do not qualify for a grant, the USDA also offers a repair and rehabilitation loan for repairs at a very low interest rate.

HUD Community Development Block Grants

Depending on where you live, you may qualify for a grant through the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Block Grant program. Through the program, HUD provides cities and towns with large grants for city or neighbourhood repairs and rehabilitation. Once a block grant has been awarded to a city, homeowners can then typically apply for smaller grants to make their repairs, including roof repairs, through their local HUD office or a city non-profit home rehabilitation service, in some cases. Award amounts vary, and applicants who qualify for a grant are typically below the area's median income.

FEMA Grants

If your roof was damaged in a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, apply for a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA provides temporary housing assistance, including roof repair grants, to homeowners whose homes are damaged due to a natural disaster. To apply for a grant or other aid through FEMA, you must first register with the agency. Call (800) 621-FEMA or visit to register. Repair grant amounts through FEMA vary, depending on the amount and type of damage done to the home.

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