Wallpaper Ideas for Hallway

Written by aviva lee | 13/05/2017
Wallpaper Ideas for Hallway
Use the right wallpaper to meet the challenge of a problematic hallway. (corridor image by bright from Fotolia.com)

Not all hallways are equal. Wide hallways have a unique problem and narrow hallways have another problem. These problems are only intensified when the application is residential. This is because typically residential hallways are not as long as hallways in hotels. But, regardless of the application there are good wallpaper solutions at hand for the problematic hallway. Any door should be given the dignity of shiny brass findings including the door knobs and hinges. This rule is particularly important with doors leading off of a hallway.

Wallpaper And Chair Rail

For those narrow hallways with a low ceiling use wallpaper on the lower 36 inches of the wall. Apply a narrow strip of chair rail over the top edge of the wallpaper. Paint the upper portion of the wall in a matt finish colour that is a tint or two lighter than the ground colour of the wallpaper. Paint the chair rail in the same colour as the wall but in a high gloss finish. Leave the upper portion of the hallway without ornamentation, with the exception of a well-framed mirror.

Wallpaper And Crown Molding

For the wide hallway with a low ceiling, use wallpaper with a tone-on-tone motif. Install the wallpaper from the baseboard to the ceiling. Paint the ceiling a matt finish in a tint lighter than the colour in the ground of the paper. Install a crown moulding which is similar to the door frames of the hallway. Paint the door frames and the crown moulding in a high gloss finish the same colour as the ceiling.

Wallpaper And Ceiling

For that hallway with the high ceiling use a paper with an all over pattern that has at least three colours. Try a small floral with a pastel ground. Paper the ceiling also. Use a coordinating wallpaper border if the hallway is more than 24 feet in length. Paint the door frames in a high gloss finish the colour of the ground of the wallpaper. Hang one large frameless mirror and diminutive sconces as an accent.

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