Ways to hang plants from deck rails

Written by lee carroll | 13/05/2017
Ways to hang plants from deck rails
There are a number of methods for hanging plants from your deck rails, each giving a distinct look. (hanging plants image by Allyson Ricketts from Fotolia.com)

Decorating your deck goes beyond choosing outdoor furniture and a grill. Greenery and flowers add life, and there are several options for hanging plants along the rails of your deck. Some are tried and true and others are simply artistic. Consider a combination of methods for a full, lush outdoor living space, or choose the balanced lines of a row of baskets for a traditional look.

Hanging Baskets

Ways to hang plants from deck rails
Choose weather-resistant metal baskets over plastic, which can degrade. (Gazebo and Hanging Baskets in an English Back garden image by Chris Lofty from Fotolia.com)

Make sure the containers are strong and designed for hanging. Plastic can degrade and break when exposed to the elements, so consider sealed metal-wire baskets with sturdy hooks. If your container does not have a hook, make one from weather-resistant wire, as explained at MyGreatHome.com. Create evenly spaced holes around the perimeter of the container's top edge and string individual lengths of wire through each hole. Twist all the wires together securely into a closed loop at the top.

Sturdy Screw Hooks

Ways to hang plants from deck rails
Choose sturdy C-shaped hooks or eye hooks to hang baskets. (hook screws image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com)

One of the most basic ways to hang plants from the rails of a deck is to install sturdy hooks into the wood by screwing them in tightly, as explained by Candice Pardue of OnlineSuccessTips.com. Choose hooks with long screws, as some smaller versions are not sturdy enough to support the weight of a hanging basket. Available in fancy, decorative designs or simple C and eye hooks, all you need is a pair of pliers for tightening the screws into the wood, and you can hang as many baskets as you desire.

Hanging Brackets

Ways to hang plants from deck rails
Decorative metal brackets are sturdy, attractive options for hanging plants. (hanging basket bracket image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com)

Secure a wedge-shaped bracket to the deck rails or posts for a sturdy plant hanger. Available in wrought iron with fancy details, or galvanised metal in simple styles, make sure yours has a strong hooked tip to prevent the basket from falling off. Original-looking pieces are often found at thrift shops and salvage yards.

Window Boxes

Ways to hang plants from deck rails
Window boxes are an interesting alternative to hanging baskets. (WINDOW BOX image by brelsbil from Fotolia.com)

As an alternative to hanging baskets, consider installing window boxes to your deck rails for cascading flowers that cover a wide area. Purchase or build sturdy rectangular boxes with drainage openings, and install wooden or metal supporting brackets to the deck rails as demonstrated at ThisOldHouse.com. Make sure the horizontal supports of the brackets are similar in depth to that of the boxes. Once the brackets are in place, screw the boxes to the supports with weather-resistant hardware.

Tiny Treasures

Ways to hang plants from deck rails
Turn used glass jars into tiny, flower-filled treasures. (two empty glass jars image by vadim kozlovsky from Fotolia.com)

Create small hanging plants by drilling drainage holes into glass jars with a diamond bit attached to a rotary tool, then put plants in the jars. Wrap galvanised wire around the threaded lips of the jars, leaving two long ends to twist into a loop at the top. Drill a screw into the deck rail and hang the loop from the screw.

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